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Paper Scanning

Convert all your paper documents into a digital format. Categorize and search through thousands of documents without potentially damaging or misplacing them.

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Scanning solutions


  • Any document type
  • Any amount
  • Pick up, digitize, index
  • Storage available

A simple transformation of your documents. Physical to digital.


  • Engineering drawings, plats, blueprints, maps, posters, etc.
  • Flexible indexing and output options
  • Eliminate space-wasting drawing cabinets
  • Protection from aging and disaster

Digitally converts all your oversized documents for easier access and collaboration.

& Microfiche

  • Microfilm to digital conversion
  • Allows images to be searchable
  • Eliminates need for specialized equipment
  • Same week turnaround once received

Converts Microfilm and Microfiche into easy-to-use digital images.

Books &

  • Converts to searchable PDFs
  • Makes finding content easier
  • Protects from aging and disaster
  • Store or recycle to free up space

Turns your newspapers and bound books into a digital library.


  • Expert QA and Image Enhancement
  • Automatic Hollerith data indexing
  • Eliminates specialized viewing equipment
  • Protects from deterioration and disaster

Creates high-resolution digital images that can be accessed instantly for viewing, printing, email, or storage.


  • Secure disposal of documents
  • Certificate of Destruction provided
  • Compliant with all government regulations
  • Keeps sensitive information safe

Disposes your documents securely to comply with retention policies while minimizing the risk of leaking information.

Scan On Demand

  • Access your stored records on demand
  • Pay-as-you-go digital transformation
  • Less expensive than scanning all documents
  • Quick turnaround times

We only scan the documents you need while giving you quick, digital access to all documents securely stored in our offsite records center.


  • Automated redaction software platform
  • Redaction as a Service
  • CJIS certified staffing
  • Industry specific expertise

Provides secure and customizable solutions for the de-identification of documents.

Expect the best, scan for the worst

If it’s worth saving, it’s worth scanning. We’ve seen soaked service records, burnt blueprints, and moldy microfilm, to name a few. Unfortunately, these disasters happen. Digital storage is the best way to prevent them.