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Making the Case for Document Management Software

By Jim DeSocio, CEO   What happened to the promises technology was supposed to keep? Computers were to rid us of clutter and paper files. Where is our office nirvana devoid of filing cabinets and lost folders? While email has helped to take away a lot of paper – when was the last time you got an interoffice memo on paper – most offices are still wholly...

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How to Choose the Right Document Management for You

By Joe Spain, CFO   From payroll to insurance, inventory to taxes there are tons of moving parts that small businesses have to stay cognizant of in 2018. And when running a small business, time really does equal money. The last thing that you want to do is waste your time filling and finding documents that could be scattered in a filing cabinet, or worse, around the...

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How Intellinetics Can Help Your Accounting Department

By Joe Spain, CFO   Any accounting professional can agree that there are tons of documents that need to be stored to meet today’s legal and financial regulations. An inefficient filing of records without a solid document management solution can cost a company a huge sum of money in addition to the time and space lost housing and finding these records. Even worse, in keeping these required...

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Overcoming the Digital Dilemma: Best Practices in Document Management

By Matt Chretien, Chief Strategy Officer   Hallways of cabinets. Stacks of folders. Mountains of papers. With years (sometimes decades) of paper processes in place, organizations can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paper they house. In North Carolina, the regional office for the Veterans Affairs Administration began to crumble from the overwhelming weight of these files. With over 60,000 records densely stacked in storage,...

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