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Cloud-based solutions for your organization’s most difficult archiving dilemmas

With cloud-based storage options our IntelliCloud™ product provides the infrastructure, premium service delivery and client support that your business needs to operate efficiently. With employees using our streamlined system, they can eliminate lost time searching for documents and spend more time on tasks to help boost your company’s productivity.


IntelliCloud™ Benefits

With IntelliCloud™ your important documents are now fully secure, compliant to industry regulations and continually backed-up to avoid data loss

With IntelliCloud™, operational costs can fall dramatically by reducing wasted employee time and misfiled documents

AuditShield™ is a comprehensive exception reporting engine that identifies missing documents quickly and easily

IntelliCloud™ can be fully implemented and ready in days expediting your on-boarding time

IntelliCloud™ works harmoniously with your current work processes and helps to improve your shared files

IntelliCloud™ integrates easily with software specialized for industry-specific needs

One button integration is available for most multi-function printers and scanners

IntelliCloud™ allows your documents to become fully searchable and additional users and departments can be easily added

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