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NEWPAY - Payables Automations System for NEWSTAR
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Finally, a Payables Automation System for NEWSTAR Customers‼️

A fully-integrated NEWSTAR Enterprise module powered by artificial intelligence that automates the entire AP invoice-to-pay-to-reconciliation process.

Accounts Payables Automation System for NEWSTAR


Intellinetics collaborated with Constellation HomeBuilder Systems to create a seamless AP automation module that is completely integrated with Constellation’s industry-leading NEWSTAR Enterprise ERP software for land developers and home builders. The IntelliCloud Payables Automation System (IPAS) utilizes patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to eliminate the costly manual steps in GL-coding, workflows and approvals, data entry, and filing.

The operational and strategic benefits include:

  1. End-to-End integration with support coverage for peace of mind and investment protection
  2. Increased visibility into the invoices, supporting documents and status
  3. Decreased invoice-processing related costs
  4. Increased service levels with instant access to invoices and supporting documents
  5. Automated and standardized invoice approval workflow(s)
  6. Increased audit-readiness and compliance reporting
  7. Strengthened AP processing controls and exception processing

Automates the Entire AP Invoice-to-Pay-to-Reconciliation Process

Payables Automation for NEWSTAR

IntelliCloud Payables Automation System integrates these capabilities to create an intuitive user experience with the intelligence, power, and ease of administration that includes:

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Document Classification and Invoice Data Extraction

  • Automatically identify a document as an invoice or invoice-related
  • Automatically find and extract relevant data
    • Summary Data
      • PO Number
      • Vendor Name
      • Invoice Date
      • Invoice Number
      • Invoice Amount
      • Due Date
      • Discount Date (if applicable)
      • Tax
    • Line-Item Detail
      • Line Number
      • Item Number
      • Quantity Invoiced
      • Cost/Price
Invoice Intake
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Automatic Exception Processing

  • Automatically routes exceptions into a quality assurance (QA) step for cleanup if unable to read the data, i.e., from a handwritten and/or poor-quality document
  • Enables users to “teach” the system about new invoices
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Invoice Coding

  • GL Coding policies to reduce coding data entry time and errors
Invoice Coding
Routing and Workflow
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Invoice Approval Routing and Workflow

  • Secure routing and approval with email notifications and web-based access
  • Invoice processing reporting for transparency and escalation

NEWSTAR Integration and Document Retrieval Enablement

  • One-Click Invoice Retrieval
  • GL, vendor, and accounting data to support up-front invoice validation is at your fingertips
  • Automated process to transfer invoice transaction records into NEWSTAR Enterprise via NEWSTAR IntelliCloud Integration Module (provided directly by NEWSTAR)
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System Expansion Options

  • The platform includes an enterprise content management engine that may be activated and used for other departments or processes including:
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Sales
    • Project Support
    • Contracts
    • Other
Colen Built Development
Alana Tisch

“When we implemented NEWSTAR, it was an easy decision to select IntelliCloud’s new AP Automation module for NEWSTAR Enterprise. It’s integrated, cost-effective and fully supported for peace of mind.”

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