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Before Intellinetics

Some people were using spreadsheets, while a different department would have another basic database, and we ended up with one or two or even three copies of information that overlapped…my goal was to centralize the data and help everyone manage all the information more efficiently.

Kelly Mortensen, CIO
Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio

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Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio (LSSND) is a social services agency serving individuals of all ages in every county in Central Ohio. With 225 full time employees and 75 volunteers, the organization needed a better way to manage all of their paper documents. Many times physical records contained multiple duplicates and overlapping information that wasn’t being properly interlaced. Employees were spending countless hours searching for files and working to put together a holistic record from fragmented files.


Right away, LSSND’s new CIO knew that a central IT solution connected to each team would make it easier for the entire organization. The right document management solution would have three key ingredients: affordability, ease-of-use and a human touch. IntelliCloud™ was the optimal solution for LSSND because of it’s significantly lower price-point, overall quality and relative ease of adoption for employees.

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After exploring IntelliCloud™, LSSND recognized that it was the perfect fit to connecting the organization, helping them instantly find whatever files they needed. Even after vetting options that ranged between $100,000 and $150,000, Intellinetics’ reputation and overall customer service made LSSND’s
investment a no-brainer.

How has IntelliCloud™ helped Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio?

More Time

Stronger Security

Software Integration

Reduced Costs

Audit Readiness

Ease of Product Use

Responsive Support

After Intellinetics

I’ve been through many different software implementations from small to large,
so I know what goes into these projects.
From an IT standpoint, IntelliCloud™ was easy to deploy but there’s also the human component.
Intellinetics made it easy for us to work and change our system.

Kelly Mortensen, CIO
Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio

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