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Large Format Document Scanning

Digitally Transform Your Business in a Big Way with Large Format Scanning Services.

Converting Your Oversized Documents to a Digital Format
has Never Been Easier.

Oversized documents like engineering plans, architectural drawings, blueprints, project plans, and maps are a pain to handle. When in a paper format, they are difficult to store, access, share, and keep in good condition.   With retention schedules that last years to forever, the aggravation only gets worse.

You could continue to spend hours unrolling and unfolding documents, wasting time and money, or you could let the experts at Intellinetics scan your large format documents. The result is less frustration and information that easier to find, share, and preserve.

We work with any organization that uses oversize documents such as planning departments, building departments, engineering firms, architectural firms, construction companies, utility companies, developers, manufacturers, and government agencies.

Whether it is a single drawing or thousands of plans, our state-of-the-art technology, proven process, and extensive experience ensure your large format scanning project is a success.

How Intellinetics Can Help

Our team has extensive experience in scanning wide format documents for all types of organizations across a multitude of industries.

Intellinetics Large Format Scanning Services
  • Architectural renderings

  • Engineering drawings

  • Survey maps

  • CAD drawings

  • Manufacturing designs

  • Blueprints

  • Topographical maps

  • Geologic maps

  • Petroleum maps

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Highway plans

  • Railway plans

  • Construction plans

  • Specifications and More!

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The Benefits of Our Large Format Scanning Services

Just to Name a Few

Intellinetics Wide Format Scanning Services

The Intellinetics Difference

Turnkey Service

We handle every aspect of the process – pickup, prep, digitizing, indexing, and shredding.

Exceptional Quality

Our experts have scanned thousands of drawings and maps over the last 25+ years.  Our process ensures the best quality capture from even the most challenging originals.


We can provide secure anywhere/anytime access to your large format documents from any internet-connected device.

Secure Transportation

We offer fast and reliable door-to-door pickup and delivery services and provide full access to any documents in our possession at all times.


We accept a few drawings from one office to hundreds of blueprints and plans from multiple locations.

Image Integration

We output in a format that easily imports into your current document management software.

Data Confidentiality

Our highly stringent security processes are compliant with information related laws & regulations at every step.

Customer Care

Our friendly and experienced Customer Service Representatives are standing by eager to help.

Our Wide Format Scanning Process

We provide a thorough consultation and customize a solution that best fits your schedule and budget.

Here is a Typical Process:

Can I access documents if needed while at your facility for processing?2020-08-03T15:28:36-05:00

Yes.  Retrieval requests can be made via e-mail, phone, fax, or our website.

Does Intellinetics have the experience to meet my requirements?2020-07-24T18:28:35-05:00

Intellinetics has been providing document management and imaging services for business,  government, and education organizations for over 25 years. We have an excellent reputation for quality work at affordable pricing and have an impressive list of satisfied customers. Once we know more about your particular requirements, we can match you with references that match your profile.

How do I get the documents to you?2020-07-24T18:31:51-05:00

We receive work from all over the country. We provide pickup and delivery with our own trucks or we also receive work via UPS, FedEx, and U.S. Mail.

How will I know you can meet my quality expectations?2020-07-24T18:23:45-05:00

Our job is to produce readable images that can be retrieved on demand. To produce high-quality images at an affordable price, we must apply automation to the process. However, no two projects are alike. In some cases, image quality can vary from image to image. All test images (and production images) are processed through our quality control process to be sure that “poor” images are re-scanned at a more appropriate setting. There is no charge for the test. We make the images available instantly online in IntelliCloud or we send the images to you on a thumb drive for your review and approval. Once that process is complete, you have a set of images that serves as a “benchmark” for the actual work to be performed.

What digital output formats are available?2020-08-18T16:47:28-05:00

After we digitize your large format documents, they can be supplied back to you in many formats including:

  • TIFF – the most standard raster format
  • PDF – a simple raster scan or can include OCR information that can be cut and pasted to other applications
  • GIF – generally used for Internet applications
  • JPEG – for color images

We can index and store your scans for secure on-line retrieval in our hosted cloud-based platform, or return them to you on a thumb drive or CD.


How much does it cost?2020-07-27T12:36:14-05:00

Since there are several factors to be considered, we need to know more about your particular requirements. Some of the factors considered in determining your cost include the type of documents. the quality of your documents, the size of your documents, how the images will be identified to provide you with easy retrieval, images quality, volume, etc.

A brief discussion or e-mail exchange can produce cost pricing estimates.


How large of documents can you scan?2020-08-18T14:09:55-05:00

With our high speed, large format, production-grade scanners, our skilled staff can digitize documents up to 54 inches wide and 100 feet long.

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Our large format scanning and indexing services can help accelerate your transition to a more digital workplace.

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