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Before Intellinetics

We have incredible employees but not everyone is a tech expert…we needed a solution that everyone could use – people who have less experience to advanced users and everything in between.

John Wilke, Assistant Controller
Jungle Jim’s International Market

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Jungle Jim’s International Market, an unbelievably unique grocer, offers customers everything from day-to-day sundries to rare spices and ostrich eggs. With the incredibly variety the store offers, Jungle Jim’s pays over 500 vendors every week. Between the invoicing and the register information, Jungle Jim’s has a huge volume of records that it must keep on hand for a minimum of seven years.


When John Wilke came on board as Jungle Jim’s new Assistant Controller, he immediately recognized that the
company’s records needed to be digitized. John understood that they needed an affordable document management solution that was appropriate for their unique needs. When John discovered IntelliCloud™ he immediately recognized that the document management solution offered exactly the features they needed at an affordable price.

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IntelliCloud™ easily integrated with Jungle Jim’s inventory system, saving their employees significant time. Previously, department managers had to shuffle back and forth between the Accounting Department, filing cabinets and their vendors. Now managers can easily pull up IntelliCloud™ and verify that a check was sent. Providing digital confirmation to vendors reduces call time and provides certainty in record keeping.

How has IntelliCloud™ helped Jungle Jim’s International Market?

More Time

Stronger Security

Software Integration

Reduced Costs

Audit Readiness

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After Intellinetics

We are ready for an audit. It’s not uncommon for the state to run routine audits of retail stores to ensure taxes are John Wilke, Assistant Controller Jungle Jim’s International Market paid, and now with IntelliCloud™ we can pull up all the right records to show that we are compliant. Before this kind of request would have required a lot of time, because we would have to go through all of our filing cabinets on site and off. Now we have peace of mind that everything is stored in the right place and easy to find very quickly.

John Wilke, Assistant Controller
Jungle Jim’s International Market

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