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The IntelliCloud™ Document Management Platform delivers advanced security, compliance, workflow and collaboration features critical for highly regulated, risk-intensive markets. IntelliCloud connects documents to users and the processes they support to accelerate innovation and empower organizations to think and work in new ways.

IntelliCloud Document Management Platform

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Organizations of all sizes are always looking for new methods to improve performance while reducing costs and risks. Intelligent document management capabilities are essential to achieving these goals. Today’s knowledge workers need to be able to easily find and act upon an ever-increasing amount documents that drive the processes to achieve their mission.

Employees at companies without a digital document management system spend an average of 15 percent of their workday searching for documents – time away from things that really matter. IntelliCloud enables its users to re-allocate this lost time towards higher-value activities to increase productivity while accelerating innovation and service delivery. In the new world, any authorized users can make informed decisions anytime, anywhere via any Internet-connected device with a web-browser.

IntelliCloud is a “Kevlar-vest” for mission critical documents that offers life-saving protections from lethal incidents. For example, more than 70 percent of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks of suffering from a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to a man-made or natural disaster. IntelliCloud  combines law-enforcement-grade security and cloud operations to help protect businesses from data loss and fallout that would occur.

IntelliCloud is feature-rich with all of the capabilities to automate the entire lifecycle of a document – from initial capture through long-term archive and even destruction if desired. It’s unique design, usability, de-identification and administrative features meet the demanding requirements found in highly regulated industries where every minute and detail counts.

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IntelliCloud empowers users with the security, audit-readiness, compliance reporting
and automation for peace-of-mind to serve:


AuditShield: Worry-free document audits made easy

AuditShield is powered by a policy library that contains all the rules and details for documents that must be in the system to be in compliance with industry laws and organizational records policy.  With AuditShield, users can instantly see what documents are missing before the auditors arrive, such as I-9 and W-4’s prior to an HR audit. This provides time to remedy and real-time awareness regarding document compliance across the platform

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Law-Enforcement-Grade Security and Access Control

Comprehensive security and access control features provide all of the tools needed to accommodate even the most demanding user-rights models. Documents can be secured in multiple ways and include document “sealing” functions often found in Public Safety and Court environments.

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Viewing Flexibility

A comprehensive set of options control the way the system presents documents in response to a search. The system supports “folder-based” viewing as well as “document-based” views and enables users to move from one to the other as desired. This configurability maximizes user productivity and comfort while simplifying training and acceptance.

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Roles-Base Redaction

Did you know the same traffic crash report in the State of Washington can have seven different views depending upon the role of the requestor and crash details? Other systems require users to create and save those 7 redacted reports in the system! IntelliCloud DMP’s automated redaction tools eliminate the need for duplicates and always protects the integrity of the original document in the process. Public records law compliance is a breeze with flexible privacy tools that are easy to use and always ready to protect.

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Compliant Collaboration: Intelligent Publishing Made Easy

Document output options enable users to select documents for output and place them into a PDF ‘container” that bundles selected documents of any format – scanned images, audit, video, x-rays, high-resolution images, emails, etc, into a single PDF with the click of a mouse. Output can also be directed to a printer, exported or sent as an email attachment. An always-on security and compliance engine will prevent documents from being accidentally released to a recienty without the right privileges and apply all relevant redactions automatically for peace of mind.

compliant collaboration intelligent publishing made easy

Flexible and Easy Document Capture

The platform supports a range of document and data capture methods that minimize overall efforts to get documents into the system, including:

  • User-based drag / drop file upload
  • Multi-function devices (MFD) as a scanning on-ramp
  • High-volume single-function scanners 
  • Direct system-to-system integration with ERP platforms, in-bound email and/or fax streams, etc.
  • Optional machine-learning-based document classification, advanced capture, and data extraction and forwarding

Combined, these capabilities ensure platform users are always able to support captures needs as they evolve over time and across the organization.

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Open Platform with Structured Integration Toolkit Out-of-the-Box

The IntelliCloud DMP has a web-services based architectures with ready-made integration tools to integrate rapidly with any system, from both data and document-access perspectives.  Integration training packages are available to empower organizations to build solutions internally if preferred.

Rapid Deployment and Easy Activation

Typically organizations are up and running in days vs. weeks or months as with traditional models. An intuitive user experience from both end-user and administrator perspectives minimize training needs and delivers faster time-to-value.

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