IntelliCloud™ Incident
Case Management System


The IntelliCloud Incident Case Management System (ICMS) provides incident management for the new world.
Automate incident management, unlock your data’s secrets, and put them to work for your mission.

IntelliCloud Incident Case Management System


Human Service Providers (HSP) are focused on innovations that improve service levels, performance benchmarks and outcomes for those they serve. Incident management is critical to achieving these goals as it is a major factor in an HSP’s compliance, risk-mitigation, operational safety and financial health position. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to incident management were built for a world that no longer exists. ICMS reflects a new mindset that transforms incident case management burdens into a strategic asset for growth.

ICMS instantly generates compliant incident plans using its Case Analysis and Response Engine (CARE™). CARE’s adaptive-response capabilities are powered by a global response-policy library used to generate the appropriate plan based upon incident specifics. ICMS automatically engages the right people using guided workflow notifications that are fully integrated with data-entry screens in a secure and unified user-experience.

The ICMS’s Central Hub Incident Processing (CHIP™) dashboard displays all new and in-process incidents in a color-coded, prioritized view. ICMS users with CHIP-level authority can see the real-time status and details of all open incidents, enabling them to proactively intervene and minimize surprises. As a result, ICMS reduces stress and costs by enabling HSP’s to focus all resources into an effective response vs. dissipating time and energy on the mechanics of response formulation, initiation and manual collaboration(s).

ICMS also automates the data collection and activity-tracking needed to satisfy recurring or ad-hoc local, state and federal reporting needs. Incident data comes to life with the IntelliCloud Visualization, Analytics and Reporting (IVAR™) module of ICMS with powerful data analytics, reporting and data interactivity to empower evidence-based decisions on prevention-plan development, predictive factor(s) identification, safety training, resource allocation(s) and more. As a result, ICMS users are always audit-ready, in control of incident management operations and focused on continuous improvement.

IntelliCloud ICMS’s open architecture makes it easy to integrate into existing agency management platforms or can run as a stand-alone system if preferred.

ICMS lets users leave the old world of incident management behind, improving safety and service levels while decreasing costs and risks. ICMS combines industry-first capabilities with law-enforcement-grade security to meet today’s new challenges while protecting stakeholders, providing peace of mind, and the ability to focus on innovation with benefits that include:

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Data Visualization, Analytics and Reporting

The ICMS’s IVAR brings data to life so that users can interact, analyze and present incident data in countless way to identify causes / factors, new or improved prevention plans, and trend identification.

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CHIP Dashboard

User can see the big picture at a glance with CHIP’s color-coded dashboard that is prioritized by incident severity, helping ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and all the right people (roles) are aware and can intervene if/when needed.

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Automated Notifications and Workflow

ICMS generates response plans that are distributed with guided workflow with secure notifications to all the right people automatically. Users simply click on notification link to securely access incident details attached to data-entry screens to proceed.

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Worry-free Audits and Built-In Compliance

The ICMS CARE global policy library ensures compliant response plans with safety, quality and consistency. Comprehensive data-collection and event auditing ensures all aspects of incident management are documented, reported and secure.


Law-Enforcement Grade Security

Granular user, system and workflow security features protect all stakeholders in a “closed system” vs. spreadsheets, email, file-shares and other disconnected tools that pose security, process, compliance and audit risks.


Anywhere / Anytime Access

As an encrypted, secure, cloud-based platform, authorized users can access ICMS from any device with a browser that is connected to the Internet. Always-on access ensures users always have the capabilities to respond quickly.


Any Document, Any Format, Anytime

ICMS’s integrated document management module allows users to attach audio, video, images, scanned images, and digital documents of any type to an incident, improving security and eliminating the need to hunt through filing cabinets, network file shares or other file-sharing sites.

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