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Before Intellinetics

IntelliCloud™ saves us so much valuable time. We were spending two hours every day searching for files and scanning them in – that’s 25% of our day that is now more valuably focused on serving more people.

Cheryl McDaniel
Home Health Connection

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Home Health Connection (HHC) has thousands of records – patient and client records, employee files and payroll information – that lived in file cabinets scattered on several different floors of their Worthington, Ohio headquarters. Every day when an associate needed to retrieve information they had to get the right key, find the correct filing cabinet and hope the file had been returned to the correct location.


After seeing a short demo of IntelliCloud™, HHC chose Intellinetics as their out-of-the-box solution. HHC relies on IntelliCloud™ to manage consumer, employee, and payroll documents while enabling HHC’s employees to perform their roles more efficiently while providing their clients with a higher standard of care.

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IntelliCloud™ has made a huge impact on the overall team productivity at HHC. The agency has a bridge that links all departments together to manage their documents, allowing them the organization and overall efficiency to provide their clients the best quality service.

How has IntelliCloud™ helped Home Health Connection?

More Time

Stronger Security

Software Integration

Reduced Costs

Audit Readiness

Ease of Product Use

Responsive Support

After Intellinetics

As a healthcare agency, audits are necessary…with IntelliCloud™ we are better prepared with all of our documents digitized. We can quickly and easily pull together exactly the information required to validate excellence in the record-keeping aspects of our top quality of care.

Cheryl McDaniel,
Home Health Connection

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