Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


The IntelliCloud™ Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution transforms a mandatory compliance burden into a mission-critical asset,
improving the quality of care, client-outcomes and enables data-driven decisions to reduce costs and risks.

A New Mindset: IntelliCloud EVV

IntelliCloud EVV was designed by and for providers from concept-to-production with a mindset of innovation and value vs. compliance-only. Under the federal 21st Century Cures Act, all Medicaid-reimbursed home-care providers in the United States must implement a compliant EVV system. Today, EVV options primarily fall into one of two models: low or no-cost tools provided by a State organization, or those from Agency Management System (AMS) vendors as a feature or fee-based add-on. Both can have limitations that create significant burdens that providers and their direct support professionals (DSP) must bear:

Limitations of:

State-Provided EVV

  • Proprietary, State-provided devices that are prone to usability and quality issues
  • Poor user experience for all stakeholders
  • Compliance-only focus that disrupts care delivery
  • Inconsistent or poor quality technical and user support
  • Missing or weak administrative and data analytics capabilities

AMS-Provided EVV

  • High cost
  • Compliance-only features vs. service enablement that causes more work
  • Increased AMS platform dependency and separation cost and disruption
  • Weak or missing data analytics capabilities
  • Cumbersome user experience

The IntelliCloud EVV Difference


IntelliCloud EVV is a new perspective on how to meet federally mandated changes without the limitations highlighted above. IntelliCloud EVV’s design reflects three key objectives that guided its creation:

  • Maximize patient care and outcomes
  • Create more capacity for DSP’s to serve
  • Make EVV data visual and interactive to empower providers with the ability to implement data-driven innovations

As a result, IntelliCloud EVV turns the mandatory EVV compliance burden into a strategic asset for innovation and growth with:

  • An AMS-agnostic design able to integrate easily with existing platforms or operate as a stand-alone EVV solution
  • A simplified user experience to enhance care delivery vs. distract or disrupt
  • Interactive data analytics for analysis and data driven innovation
  • Enhanced shift-to-shift communication so nothing “falls through the cracks”
  • Easy activation and low cost of ownership

IntelliCloud EVV is an innovative, easy-to-use, secure and compliant solution with optional capabilities that can be activated to amplify its impact. The IntelliCloud EVV solution empowers DSP’s via a secure mobile app, improving overall efficiency, service levels and outcomes. In this process, IntelliCloud EVV automates all data collection for compliance while creating a new EVV solution category with benchmark features that include:

workflow icon

Simplified Schedule Management

Flexible and comprehensive schedule management features allow the user to import schedules from AMS, build schedules within the administrative module or enable the user to build schedules on the fly. Employees receive automatic schedule updates through their mobile devices.

Simplified Schedule Management
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Integrated Mapping and Embedded GPS Verified Data Collection

Intellinetics’ EVV solution captures the real-time location of all user activity and data collection to package and forward compliant EVV billing data with embedded geographic reporting information. The GPS tracking capabilities may also be used to support mileage reimbursement for additional expense management automation.

Integrated Mapping and Embedded GPS Verified Data Collection

Deliver Better Care to Patients

EVV provides powerful communications and resource information that helps organizations stay connected to stakeholders, makes it easy to share shift-to-shift notes and guidance to allow collaboration. On-demand, real-time access to needed information can improve outcomes, reduce stress and increase the focus on care.

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Optional Expansion Features

The IntelliCloud EVV is a powerful platform with add-on capabilities to put even more power in user’s hands such as on-demand access to digital filing cabinets with plan, medical and other information or integrated incident management workflow and automation.

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Ensure Compliance

Agencies without an automated EVV solution have limited access to care delivery information, which increases the risk of late payments, audit or even claims denial. Intellinetics’ EVV solution will ensure that businesses comply with the 21st Century Cures Act so they can avoid hefty fines.

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Increase Profitability

When organizations streamline operations and maximize employee productivity with EVV, they will start cashing in quickly. Providers who utilize Intellinetics’ EVV solution will experience faster turnaround for processing claims and payroll.

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When businesses choose the right EVV solution, not only will they meet the compliance requirements, but they will also increase their overall efficiency.
Intellinetics’ EVV solution will help companies go beyond simple proof-of-visit compliance by improving their quality of care and client outcomes.

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