Company Overview

Company Overview
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The IntelliCloud Suite – Mission-critical solutions
for risk and compliance-intensive markets

Intellinetics has helped thousands of organizations in highly regulated, risk and compliance-intensive industries improve performance with its suite of solutions that enable them to think and work in new ways.   Our experienced team of dedicated professionals speak the language of the markets served to ensure success with benchmark solutions engineered from the ground-up by industry experts.


What Makes Us Different?

Experience. Innovations. Peace of Mind.   Our solutions were built by and for industry experts to create a growing suite of on-demand solutions that are easy to implement so our customers can focus on outcomes vs. busy-work. We believe in going above and beyond to improve customer lives’ by providing better tools that create more time to focus on their mission.

Our Unique Story

A “Cause-Above-Self” mindset is in our DNA.

Over 20 years ago, Intellinetics was founded by Mike Chretien, his son Matt and Tom Moss. Mike’s experience as an Officer in the Marine Corps, an FBI Special Agent with a 12+ year role in Foreign Counter Intelligence (CFI) operations, and as a practicing attorney, forged a unique platform to build a business that matters with a singular focus:  Create mission-critical innovations that change lives.

From the beginning, they saw that the transformational potential of content management and its universality made it an excellent platform to build on, and Matt and Tom’s engineering and technical competencies provided the capacity to engineer new solutions to bring to market.   Intellinetics’ quickly realized the company was not only fulfilling critical needs but that a broader set of organizations could benefit as well. The success of these law-enforcement partnerships was the catalyst for creating additional solutions to support other government agencies and beyond, all linked by the common thread of increased security and safety while reducing costs and risks – ultimately to create more capacity for the Mission.

Working with law enforcement agencies and addressing their strong requirements around compliance and security was perfectly aligned with the needs found in related risk and compliance heavy markets including, I/DD, Behavioral Health, Home Health Care Service (HHCS) providers, Education, Public Safety and others. providers with an expanding suite of mission-critical solutions that include:

Our solutions, with a strong focus on security, compliance and ease-of-use, were a natural fit for the K-12 industry where we offer student record management, employee record management, financial record management, and board meetings and minutes document management.

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Intellinetics is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with clients located across the United States, Canada and South America.
Two of the three original founders remain today, while one is enjoying retirement. This longevity speaks to the commitment, dedication and vision to the mission of Intellinetics.

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