We’ve all been there. You’re searching for a document that you need but nothing is turning up. Perhaps you can’t remember the title of the document or the date you created it. You search forever, and the document may or may not eventually surface but, in either case, you have just spent a good part of your workday looking for a document, and you’re not alone. In fact, some estimates suggest workers spend nearly a third of their day looking for documents they need.


There must be a better way, right? There is, and it’s called advanced capture.

What is Advanced Capture?


Simply put, advanced capture is the next step forward in capturing documents. Think about how your business currently captures and stores documents. You can scan a piece of paper or save a file from an email, store it in an appropriate folder, and hopefully give it a name that can help you find it in the future. But what if you could cut out several steps in the document management process and make it easier to find and use the documents you have captured? This is the goal of advanced capture.


Using a cutting-edge document management platform, advanced capture goes beyond just capturing the document for you to organize and store.


Advanced capture works using automation. Instead of you telling the document where to go, advanced capture analyzes the document itself and sorts it based on the content of the document. This can be done through several channels including scanners, email, and fax. However, document sorting and storage is only one part of the advanced capture puzzle.


The real magic happens when advanced capture uses the data from the document to help you complete tasks. It can identify missing information, pull data from the document and input it into other software platforms, and make document searching a breeze as it searches beyond just the title of the document.


Automation with Advanced Capture


Automation is the way of the future for businesses in our changing world. With automation, you can enable staff to do their best work which is almost certainly not organizing and sorting documents. Advanced capture takes the menial, time-consuming tasks away from employees and gives them back hours in their workday. In fact, it’s believed that automation can take on 45% of repetitive tasks that eat up what could be otherwise productive time.


The concern with automation often revolves around time and cost. Will automation work or will it become another time-consuming project of its own? Our advanced platform learns quickly with little help required to identify important business information and use it accordingly.



Save Time and Reduce Errors


Intellinetics’ document management platform uses advanced capture to start providing businesses with instant time savings. The platform is easy to learn and implement in your business. Best of all, the flexible integration tools make it easy to customize the advanced capture capabilities for your unique needs.


Data can be captured instantly from documents and input into the programs you use every day. Plus, there are no templates needed to train the system thanks to the deep learning algorithms utilized by the document management platform. Advanced capture analyzes the data in documents and uses automation to pull the necessary information, sort the documents, and save you time.


Not only do your employees save time searching, analyzing, and organizing documents but automation with advanced capture can also reduce errors from employees improperly sorting documents or missing documents that may have been sent to their email or fax machine. We’re all guilty of missing an important email or two but with advanced capture, that document can still get to where it needs to be even if you haven’t had that second cup of coffee yet.


Get Advanced Capture Working for You


Your time and the time of your employees is much better spent doing something other than analyzing documents, organizing them, and translating information from a document into another platform. With automation, these tasks can be completed quickly and accurately so you can focus on the areas of your business that actually require your attention and hard work.


To learn more about how advanced capture works with an enterprise-ready document management platform, contact us at Intellinetics today for a free demo and introduction to the power of automation and how it can revolutionize your business.