Data breaches and data security issues continue to be a hot topic for organizations of all sizes across all industries. In fact, breaches have increased by 54% in 2019 alone. And, while there is a certain amount of insider risk noted, around 89% of the risk to sensitive data comes from outside threats.

Of course, as more sensitive data is being collected and maintained by organizations, organizational risk is on the climb.

Consider this: A catastrophic loss of records could take down more than 70% of today’s businesses. If your business is one of those affected by a cyberattack, you could not only lose the ability to conduct business, resulting in revenue loss; but you could also be exposed to lawsuits for not properly securing data.

To protect your organization from becoming another statistic, it’s imperative you have a robust and state-of-the-art document management software system.

Document Management Software for Superior Data Security

A secure document management system like IntelliCloud™ DMP will help you organize—and protect— the digitized documents utilized by your organization. Here’s how:

  1. Document Encryption and Compliance

An encryption system is simply a way to make documents unreadable to those without access by using algorithms. At Intellinetics, we provide additional security by ensuring that even if someone managed to intercept your encrypted documents, they still could not gain access to your documents unless the user has the correct credentials.

Our document management solutions are compliant with strict regulations that govern document compliance. This built-in compliance allows your organization to stay in sync with regulatory agencies and give patients or clients the comfort of knowing their personal information is secure.

Our system provides law-enforcement-grade security and access control to help you meet the most demanding of user-rights data protection requirements. We offer multiple ways to secure your documents and use critical document sealing functions like those used in court and public safety environments.

  1. The Advantages of the Cloud

Cloud security technology has provided innovations and enhancements in security that goes far beyond on-premises document storage systems. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, cloud-based computing offers users an advantage by getting smarter with each vulnerability that’s found and eliminated.

Additionally, we partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Cloud-based service that not only provides the kind of network architecture security-sensitive organizations need but is easily scalable to meet all client requirements throughout the lifecycle of your business.

In addition to other security features, AWS uses advanced machine learning to protect the credentials needed to access services, applications, and IT resources for another layer of protection.

  1. Automatically Up to Date

Unlike one-time-purchase software, a document management system provides integrated updates and maintenance to keep your system on the cutting edge with appropriate security patches and the latest software and security technology.

Software—and hardware—updates security, fixes any bugs, and speeds up performance. But, completing these manually can strain your IT or office staff.

Fortunately, a robust document management system like IntelliCloud™ DMP will provide automatic updates to keep your network secure and running smoothly. Automatic updates also minimize staff downtime to keep workflow on target.

  1. Work Anywhere with Consistent Security

Your organizational team will have secure access to all the documents they need, as long as they have an Internet connection.

This provides enormous advantages for organizations that frequently see clients in satellite locations or in their homes, or for employees that travel from location to location.

  1. Redundancy and Backup for Disaster Recovery

As we noted earlier, many businesses would fail if their data was lost or stolen. With our document management system, we provide data redundancies to keep your data accessible in the event of a disaster.

Even natural disasters like fire or floods that would wipe out paper data are no problem for a document management system.

IntelliCloud™ DMP for Data Security You Can Count On

IntelliCloud™ DMP document management service is a necessity in today’s world of cyber threats and security breaches. Our system offers controlled document distribution and secure file access while ensuring your organization is compliant with all regulatory bodies.

Archiving documents online cuts down on misplaced documents and makes it easy to keep valuable paper files safe for future use.

Finally, system redundancy and backup in case of server crashes or cyber threats mean you’ll still have access to your documents for the most reliable disaster recovery program.

By harnessing the power and strength of our partners AWS and Intel and combining it with our full document lifecycle protection capabilities allow us to provide your organization with a digital “Kevlar Vest” to protect you—and your clients’—sensitive data.