Human Service Providers (HSP) represent a large segment of the Healthcare space that provides support and services for individuals with disabilities. HSPs operate in different theaters including in-home, clinical, community and managed-care facilities. HSPs generate and receive a vast number of documents in a fast-paced, mobile and information-driven world. Top-performers look to technology for innovations that improve safety, outcomes and business performance. Interestingly, HSP thought-leaders tout document management systems as a critical contributor to their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measures that include:

1. Care with Confidence:  Any Document, Anytime, Anywhere

Many HSP professionals who provide services to individuals are mobile and on the run.  Filing cabinets are heavy, big and don’t fit easily into one’s pocket. In the world of HSP-care delivery, things change quickly and decisions must be in real-time. Delays due to labored access to information that is locked away in a filing cabinet are not defensible and force direct care workers (DCW) to make decisions using a “best-guess” approach.

Modern document management systems empower DCWs with secure access to any document, anytime, from any connected device. A virtual, on-call file room is critical in today’s world with Medicaid’s expanding emphasis on community-based integration for individuals with disabilities. The impact of this shift is the requirement for instant access to any individual-specific document in an environment that can literally change every day.

Document management systems create “document-enabled” DCWs, giving them the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they can make the right decisions faster leaving them more time to serve. They can now care with confidence.


2. Security and Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality have always been major issues for HSP organizations that generate and receive a tremendous number of documents that contain protected information. Specifically, all personally identifiable information is highly sensitive and has a myriad of restrictions on access and sharing. Due to this sensitive nature, this protected health information (PHI) has long been a lucrative target for malicious actors and the FBI warns that medical records are more valuable to hackers than credit card numbers on the black market.

Leading document management solution providers are aware of the goldmine, which PHI constitutes, whether it’s manufacturing or healthcare. As such, the major benefit of best-practice document management systems includes powerful user and activity monitoring record system use and enhanced security. As a result, document processes occur in an entirely digital environment that is consistently measured, monitored and protected 24/7 without the need for any manual efforts.

Document management systems further enhance security and confidentiality for HSPs by requiring secure user authentication and encryption in-transit and at-rest. There’s no more worrying about where a physical document wandered or any uncertainty about any aspect of a document’s history.

3. HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was created to, among other things, regulate how PHI should be protected from fraud and theft.  As discussed above, healthcare-related documents are a treasure trove of PHI and highly sought by entities for illegal exploit.

A key aspect of an HSP’s HIPAA compliance strategy is put into action with a document management system that systematically enforces a document confidentiality policy protected by a best-in-class, law-enforcement grade security model.  In today’s world, any HSP that does not employ a document management system as a part of its overall information assurance program and HIPAA compliance strategy is “going to a gunfight with a squirt gun” and can expect the results that implies.

Get the Next Generation of Document Management Systems

HSP top performers use modern document management systems to improve and strengthen KPIs to serve more and innovate.  Leading HSPs have smart, secure, compliant and process-ready documents – join the club and win.

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