Intellinetics is proud to announce that we’ve achieved Alternative Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Certified status in Ohio. We look forward to supporting hard-working providers with our innovative and user-friendly IntelliCloud EVV™.

The comprehensive certification process was conducted by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) in response to federal requirements established in the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act).

Intellinetics, in collaboration with Medicaid provider Erie Residential Living, Inc., demonstrated that IntelliCloud EVV captures all the federally required data elements including Type of service performed, Individual receiving the service, Date of the service, Location of service delivery, Staff providing the service, and Begin and End time of the service.

EVV Compliance Varies by State

While the Cures Act mandates the key data points that must be collected and electronically verified at a federal level, it allows each state to decide how to gather and report EVV data and whether to include additional rules. There are a few basic models EVV regulations can take from state to state.  Ohio is an “open model” state, which means it allows agency providers to choose the vendor with whom they wish to work. Agencies can use the ODM-provided EVV system through Sandata Technologies or use a certified, alternate EVV system such as IntelliCloud EVV.  In a closed model scenario, providers would be forced to work with the state-sanctioned vendor.

To be approved as an Alternate EVV System, IntelliCloud EVV had to pass a comprehensive demonstration to prove it meets ODM’s business requirements and technical specifications for an alternate EVV system.  We passed with flying colors on January 6, 2020.


What to Look for in an Alternative EVV Provider

Ohio care providers are fortunate to have options when choosing their EVV vendor. Either way, it’s critical that everyone determines which vendor has the system that most closely meets your individual needs.


Compliance with Benefits

EVV compliance is not optional.  Billing claims sent in without a corresponding electronic visit verification will eventually be denied.  However, that doesn’t mean EVV needs to be a burden that only complicates things for providers and patients. Because it is easy to learn and use, IntelliCloud EVV turns mandatory compliance into an asset by simplify processes and streamlining the Direct Support Professional’s (DSP) workflow. This is called compliance with benefits, and it represents an alternative approach to EVV technology, which puts providers and patients first.

Intellinetics’ ability to offer compliance with benefits was a key factor in Erie Residential Living, Inc.’s decision to select IntelliCloud EVV over Sandata or other alternate EVV options.


“Intellinetics is a great team.  They are so knowledgeable about our field and not just from a technology standpoint. They can relate to what our DSPs are dealing with on a day-to-day basis and built an easy EVV solution to meet those needs. Their connection to the human service provider industry ensures that we were adhering to the EVV mandate,” said Dominic Vacca, Executive Director of Erie Residential Living, Inc.


Pay Only for What You Need

EVV programs are often bundled as part of an enterprise-level agency management systems (AMS).  These agency management systems are robust and come loaded with tons of extra features.  However, it is precisely these extra features that often drive up the price tag and agencies may find themselves paying for horsepower they don’t use or need.

On the other hand, many agency management systems just bolt on EVV modules that are nothing more than data-entry screens that provide minimal features to “check-the-box.”  EVV is included for free, but you still must pay for the rest of the AMS features.

Rather than suffering from either of these outcomes, look for an EVV system that provides exactly what is needed.  IntelliCloud EVV was built from day one to be only what you want – not too big or not too small.   If all you need is an EVV system that is easy to buy, train, and use, IntelliCloud EVV is a stand-alone system.  But it is also easily expanded to include scheduling, incident management, and ISP management.  You pay for only what you need when and if you need it.

IntelliCloud EVV helps your agency improve quality of care with:

  • A backend agnostic system that integrates with an agency’s existing infrastructure.
  • Compatibility with multiple agency management systems to ensure interoperability of data.
  • The ability for DSP’s to use personal smartphones which eliminates them needing to learn and carry yet another device.
  • Emphasis on user experience for both patients and providers, keeping the process simplified and easy, easy, easy.


Intellinetics — Your First Line EVV Provider

Because Intellinetics is a leading provider of electronic document management solutions to providers working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, our IntelliCloud EVV provides Ohio agencies everything you need in an easy and reliable EVV system that goes beyond compliance to enhance patient care and make your staff’s jobs easier.

  • Not just one, but five different ways to record EVV visits including manually, through smartphones, a dedicated website, a landline, and even using Amazon Alexa
  • Meet all federal Cures Act and ODM EVV Compliance Requirements
  • Meet HIPPA Compliance Requirements
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface
  • Take advantage of thorough training and excellent customer support with our EVV Concierge Service
  • Access from anywhere, at any time with our cloud-based platform
  • Avoid software installations and updates

If you’re ready to learn more about how IntelliCloud EVV can keep you in compliance while offering value-added features to increase the quality of patient care and reduce staff burnout, get in touch and request a demo today.