Under the federal 21st Century Cures Act, all Medicaid-reimbursed home care providers in the United States must implement a compliant Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system.

Today, EVV options primarily fall into one of two models: low or no-cost tools provided by a state organization, or those from Agency Management System (AMS) vendors as a feature or fee-based add-on.

Both can pose limitations that create significant burdens for providers’ agencies and their direct support professionals (DSPs).

For example, state-provided devices often exhibit quality issues that can affect usability and impact staff efficiency. Poor quality technical support and user experience further translate into a poor experience across the board—and this ultimately trickles down to the individuals being served.

AMS-provided devices, on the other hand, are costly and cumbersome with compliance-only features that can cause more work for the user. Plus, the dependency on an AMS platform can disrupt service, which can further impact productivity.

On top of that, both of these options feature weak or even missing data analytics capabilities, which impairs usefulness and contributes to user frustration.

Fortunately, Intellinetics has created an EVV solution that targets compliance, maximizes patient care and outcomes, and harnesses data to drive innovation in home care environments.

Reduce Cost and Risks and Be Productive with IntelliCloud™ EVV

The three key objectives that guided the creation of IntelliCloud EVV are reflected in its innovative and user-friendly design.

First and foremost, our designers and technical experts have taken a powerful piece of tech and made it easy to learn and easy to use. Doing so fulfills our first objective: to simplify the job of DSPs and maximize usage while still allowing for the collection and securing of data according to guidelines.

Next, we created more capacity for DSPs to serve and increase patient care and outcomes by providing multiple avenues for recording, sharing, and collaborating over individual patient scenarios.

Finally, we designed our EVV to make data visual and interactive to empower agencies to implement data-driven innovations.

Let’s look at some of the ways our system goes above-and-beyond mere compliance to provide an exceptional user experience.

  1. Easy Integration

Your EVV solution needs to exclusively be your stand-alone EVV solution and easily integrate with existing platforms.

IntelliCloud™ EVV provides simple integration with external platforms if needed. For example, our EVV allows for simplified schedule management. DSPs can easily import schedules from an AMS, build from an administrative module, or even create them on the fly within our EVV module.

Our EVV solution can also transfer embedded GPS-verified data to support mileage reimbursement or expense management data to simplify tasks for DSPs at the same time that it forwards compliant EVV billing data.

  1. Multiple Visit Recordings

Your EVV solution should also allow for alternative methods of recording visits since home-care visits in rural areas might preclude the use of smartphones.

Using the IntelliCloud™ EVV, DSPs can report visits using smartphones, a dedicated website, a landline telephone, and even Amazon Alexa. There is also an option for manual input, if needed.

  1. Better Care and Optional Features

Your chosen EVV solution should also allow for optional features that help provide better care to patients as well as features that help your organization minimize cost and risk.

IntelliCloud™ EVV can provide DSPs with fingertip access to ISP (Individual Service Plans) and other critical documentation that makes it easy to share notes between shifts and allow for staff collaboration on patient care.

We also include other optional expansion features like incident case management with reporting workflows and data driven analytics and visualization to help organizations monitor incidents and control risks. With integration to digital filing cabinets with on-demand access to mission critical documentation and workflow reporting, our EVV solution can help organizations stay on top of issues involving patient care.

IntelliCloud™ Electronic Visit Verification for Compliance and Peace of Mind

Choosing the right EVV is critical not only to meet state and federal compliance guidelines but to provide optimal care for your patients while improving efficiency and reducing cost. Also, a high-quality EVV can manage all of these tasks without putting a strain on staff.

The IntelliCloud™ Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution transforms a mandatory compliance burden into a mission-critical asset, using cutting-edge technology targeted toward ease-of-use for DSPs.

Our solution will help companies go beyond simple proof-of-visit compliance by improving their quality of care and client outcomes. Through customizable options and secure data collection and reporting, our EVV further strengthens organizations by enabling data-driven decision to reduce costs and risks.