From payroll to insurance, inventory to taxes there are tons of moving parts that small businesses have to stay cognizant of in 2018. And when running a small business, time really does equal money. The last thing that you want to do is waste your time filling and finding documents that could be scattered in a filing cabinet, or worse, around the office. You also don’t want to spend your money hiring someone to perform these relatively simple business tasks when they could be accomplishing more revenue-focused goals. For these reasons, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have a strong document management system in place to help your business run as cost-effectively as possible. Much like finding the right employee, finding the right software solution may take time and effort, but ultimately it will help your company to become more profitable.


To start, efficiency must be a priority. While it seems like an incredibly obvious first step, it’s surprising how often companies choose the wrong software. Finding a solution that’s designed with your company in mind is essential to ensure that roll-out and employee adoption will be fully achieved. Keep your staff engaged by having them beta test software or even try to upload a few documents to test how intuitive the process is for the team. While it can be incredibly tempting to buy the cheapest software, it can be extremely difficult to retrofit the wrong product into your processes. It’s also worth noting that you might need to consider your hosting needs. While historically, companies hosted their data on-premise with their own hardware, many organizations are seeing the benefits in cloud solutions. Cloud-based solutions like IntelliCloud™ are viable options for smaller organizations helping them minimize costs they would incur with on-premise hosting.


As with any business need, it’s going to be incredibly important to assess all of your options in order to make the best choice but for your accounting and record keeping, a digital management solution could help to alleviate many of your small business pain-points.


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