Any accounting professional can agree that there are tons of documents that need to be stored to meet today’s legal and financial regulations. An inefficient filing of records without a solid document management solution can cost a company a huge sum of money in addition to the time and space lost housing and finding these records. Even worse, in keeping these required files some businesses are forced to rent additional space sending team members back and forth between facilities to locate, file or amend records.

Access to detailed information such a department codes or general ledger numbers are essential for internal accounting processes. This information guarantees that internal budgeting returns accurate numbers. When your company has a solid document management program in place, your company can achieve a much higher level of efficiency in its accounting practices. Programs like IntelliCloud™ help organize your internal verification procedures making them rapid and protected. Routing delays are eliminated and approval time-frames are significantly improved due to the availability of simultaneous access.

While there are numerous benefits of IntelliCloud™, Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio was able to completely revamp their accounting department by implementing IntelliCloud™ as their document management solution. While easily integrating with Jungle Jim’s inventory system, IntelliCloud™ has become a huge timesaver for employees reducing their call volume and overall manual record keeping. “Housing invoices, purchase orders and physical data is easy because all our important information is automatically indexed” explained John Wilke, Controller for Jungle Jim’s International Market. IntelliCloud™ has also proved incredibly helpful for Jungle Jim’s by providing Audit Shield to protect the company from the State of Ohio and provide immediate taxation documentation.

Today, everything the accounting department for Jungle Jim’s International Market receives and sends out is stored in IntelliCloud™. Because all documents are indexed by their invoice or purchase order number, information is never misplaced or lost, and retrieval times have been reduced allowing the staff more time to focus on their core responsibilities.