Healthcare organizations and service providers (HSPs) face many challenges when it comes to tracking the resolution of incidents for various regulations. Why? Because an incident—any incident, no matter how small—puts HSPs and other care agencies at risk.

Wouldn’t it be great if HSPs had a simple, yet reliable way of tracking that goes beyond pen-and-paper logging systems?

Besides being inefficient, the inability of low-tech solutions to provide comprehensive support for incidents causes an incredible burden on staff, and that’s not fun — or efficient.

That’s why savvy HSPs and other healthcare providers choose incident case management systems that provide robust tracking, lowers costs, and opens up time for staff to explore ways to mitigate future risks.

How an ICMS Gets to the Bottom of Risks for Best Management Practices

In order to take a firm stance on preventing future risks, HSPs must have a strong ICMS in place.

A good ICMS will bring the patterns behind incidents to light to empower evidence-based plans for incident prevention and risk mitigation. There are many ways an intelligent ICMS minimizes staff burden and increases your organization’s ability to function more effectively and safely while protecting its financial health.

  1. User Experience

A high-functioning ICMS gets all the right people on the same page any time there is an incident.

The Intellinetics system automatically notifies the correct individuals of incidents by using guided workflow notifications. These notifications are fully integrated with data-entry screens in a secure and unified user experience, so workflow is intuitive.

Intuitive, easy-to-navigate workflows are essential for fast, accurate responses to risks.

  1. Protected Access Anytime and Anywhere

The Intellinetics ICMS program takes security to the next level by offering additional protection and on-the-spot access. Intellinetics users with CHIP-level authority can access the real-time stats and details of all open incidents, enabling them to intervene and minimize surprises proactively.

For additional protection, data is encrypted and secure on a Cloud-based platform for optimum versatility.

  1. Satisfies All Reporting Needs from Local to Federal

Our ICMS automates data collection and activity tracking needed to meet recurring or ad-hoc local, state, and federal reporting needs.

Because it’s always audit-ready, users are always prepared for impromptu audits and inspections, keeping staff disruption—and stress—to a minimum.

  1. Provides Big-Picture Data for Evidence-Based Decision Making

So, you have all this data at your fingertips—how do you use it to minimize risk? While most ICMSs can provide various reports and tons of data, only Intellinetics gives you easy-to-understand visualizations.

Our ICMS brings incident data to life with the IntelliCloud Visualization, Analytics and Reporting (IVAR™). This state-of-the-art system allows users to organize data in several ways to quickly identify trends, examine causative factors, and develop plans to offset any illustrated risks.

IVAR’s™ powerful data analytics, reporting, and data interactivity are designed to empower evidenced-based decision-making by presenting data in an easy-to-understand format. The ability of staff to quickly and adequately analyze complex data allows for practical prevention plan development, predictive factor(s) identification, practical safety training, and appropriate resource allocation.

Harnessing the Power of Risk Mitigation Through Intellinetics’ Incident Case Management System

As an HSP, you’re required to collect data to fulfill local, state, and federal requirements.

However, this data represents more than just an obligation. If you can access the full spectrum of data in a big-picture kind of way, you can put this data to work for your organization, increasing productivity and, most importantly, protecting you from adverse events and risks.

Using the power of IVAR’s™ data visualization feature empowers HSPs to use their data to create the ultimate environment for risk management. By allowing users to examine data in myriad ways, IVAR™ provides the ability to create flexible risk management plans that target change.

As your organization grows, as staff changes, or as your clientele evolves, the Intellinetics ICMS gives you the power to pivot by plotting predictive factors and identifying trends on the fly.

Finally, it allows you to access your data when and where you want in a secure, encrypted format, and it will enable your staff to feel confident that they’re audit-ready every day of the year.