A Document Management Platform (DMP) is an electronic filing cabinet where you can securely archive copies of paper documents or input electronic ones for long- or short-term storage.

Although most document management platforms store data in the cloud, a DMP allows the organization to expand its capabilities far beyond the level of safe storage. At their most basic, these platforms:

  • Allow storage of any document types, from .doc files and PDFs to emails, spreadsheets, and digitized forms
  • Allow for access permissions to be set
  • Feature tools that monitor user access to documents
  • Keep software up to date automatically
  • Allow document sharing across mobile devices

For government agencies, however, choosing the right document management platform is critical and requires owners to look more closely at objectives and how they’re required to protect and secure their data.

And make no mistake — government agencies are prime targets for cybercriminals. In fact, a recent cybercrime series saw more than 22 government agencies affected by ransomware, leaving them unable to access critical files without paying a hefty ransom.

Government agencies often work within strict budgets that challenge their ability to perform tasks critical to their mission while keeping an eye on security.

The right DMP must provide advanced security to allow these agencies to adhere to the highest security standards without sacrificing their service to the public—or exposing sensitive information to threats. That’s where Intellinetics comes in.

A More Secure Document Management Platform

We understand that government agencies each have unique goals and budgets, but they all have one critical factor in common—the need for the most reliable data security.

To this end, Intellinetics has designed their IntelliCloud™ Document Management Platform (DMP) to empower government users with the security, audit-readiness, compliance reporting, and automation tools they need.

The tools inherent in our DMP allow agencies to operate with increased productivity; to provide exceptional service to end-users; and to have the flexibility to respond to changing security and privacy regulations as they change over time.

  1. Sensitive Data Handling

IntelliCloud™ uses a comprehensive series of tools to secure your agency or organization’s sensitive content, including:

  • Securing documents in multiple ways and including document “Legal Hold” functions often found in public safety and court environments.
  • Advanced privacy technology that allows for the redaction of sensitive content on shared, printed, or viewed documents.

This is, of course, in addition to other security measures provided through the DMP architecture.

  1. Audit Compliance

Our DMP helps government agencies keep abreast of today’s continually changing privacy regulations to ensure your organization is always in compliance.

For example, our Audit Shield™ feature is a comprehensive document exception reporting engine that identifies missing documents through a simple interface. Along with other measures, it allows our DMP to provide your agency with complete, consistent, auditable, and most importantly, secure data capture.

  1. Disaster and Data Recovery

Any document management solution for government entities should include a data backup and disaster recovery plan. With digital storage archiving as a backup, paper documents are protected from fire, flood, and other disasters. Using a DMP allows you to easily trace documents using a diverse range of criteria to pinpoint critical information rapidly.

Also, because documents are centrally stored, they cannot be lost or misplaced after viewing. For example, if an electronic document is “misfiled”, it’s quickly recovered using cross-indexing. Furthermore, agencies can choose to digitize and store documents at the point of intake for improved security and workflow.

Finally, storing data in the cloud gives you additional security against data breaches. We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give your organization the most powerful data protection available through our DMP.

IntelliCloud™ DMP for Security You Can Count On

Government agencies hold a trusted position in the public eye. Local, state, and federal regulations regarding the protection of sensitive personal data mean that these agencies are often held to higher standards when it comes to data security.

With the IntelliCloud™ DMP, government organizations will find the right balance of security and flexibility to allow them to achieve organizational goals while keeping the public trust with a highly secure document management platform.

Choosing a DMP like IntelliCloud™ allows managers and officials to provide a high level of service to clients and the public with exceptional oversight—and without worrying about data security issues.