If there’s any industry that demands an organized, methodical system for its document management, it’s education with its multiple systems that demand the need for interoperability. The various documents that need to be maintained include student records, financial reporting, human resources documentation, teacher credentials, board meeting notes, parent teacher conferences and the list goes on. School Districts are also challenged to retain most documents, especially student records, for 99 years. This puts a tremendous burden on storage facilities, document retention, document availability, and most importantly long-term document security.

As an educator, you want to focus your time on your students and teachers as well as the tasks necessary to ensure their success. Managing remote access to confidential student and educator files should not take your attention away from that goal.

For administrators, remote access can be a scary topic. You want to provide your educators with a way to access information outside of your main school building because you know that will allow them to be more productive … but you have some huge concerns:

  • How can I ensure that the documents my staff is accessing are being securely delivered to them?
  • How can I offer remote access and still be compliant?
  • How can I guarantee safe and secure access to information regardless of where the information is accessed?
  • Can I offer the ability to redact sensitive content when the document is viewed, printed or shared — can we offer both user-controlled redaction and automatic redaction?
  • What documentation and credentialing information about my teachers do I need to keep?


For the teacher, staying current with student documentation is a huge – and often thankless – task.  And this takes time away from their students. Teachers have to know:


  • What notations and documentation about their students do they need to keep?
  • Where are the knowledge gaps in the student documentation?
  • Where do teachers find the required documentation?


With our in-depth knowledge of the education industry and our IntelliCloudTM product, we provide you with a document tracking system so that, with a click of a mouse, you can see student and staff information. However, a document management solution is only as good as the data available. That is why document capture is so critical to success. Great document management systems offer:


  • Easy upload and entry of student and staff documentation.
  • Reporting that allows you to see what information is lacking in your documentation.
  • Pop-ups that tell you if there is a missing file.
  • Information sharing throughout the school district or university if necessary.


The right document management systems provide Districts with their document security needs while amplifying organizational efficiency. Organizational efficiency cannot happen without interoperability. In other words, the right system will give you the confidence that your data is not only secure but also consistent throughout multiple systems including: Finance, HR, Student Recordkeeping, Building and Maintenance, Athletics and Instance Tracking.

Interoperability is the ability of information and data to flow seamlessly between different systems and devices to the benefit of administration and teacher staff. Interoperability focuses on the compatibility of data, connecting multiple systems and devices through a widely understood or more standardized means of communication. The average education professional is responsible for what seems like unlimited documentation requirements.

Interoperability will not happen unless you are capturing data from system-generated reports via the easy upload of paper documents using forms that are designed specifically for K12.

Such an emphasis is increasingly driving School Districts toward cloud-based products and services. These services are lean, efficient, and – best of all – easy to adopt across the industry. Therefore, while document management continues to receive greater attention in the education industry, interoperability will increase because school districts are adopting similar solutions. In other words, document management is revolutionizing the educational industry by providing a comprehensive and semi-standardized method to keep various sources of data and information organized and accessible for Administrators and Teachers to access. This increases the teacher’s most valuable asset, the face time they spend with their students.


Get the Next Generation of Document Management Systems

K12 and organizations similar organizations benefit from modern document management systems. These systems are designed to keep mission-critical documents accessible, yet secure, process-ready and compliant.

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